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Every machine has better energy efficiency after applying the right lubricant,  in consequence less breakdowns and better performance occur.

FRICTION SOLUTIONS offers only the highest quality products.

We are an official distributor of the Oxycedet brand!

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Car workshops

Car workshops

In our offer we merchandise high performance products  from Oxycedet, which are only sold directly to car repair professionals. These high quality products are only available with our company as  there is no other distribution channel. Oxycedet’s products allow professional performance far above the average compared to other similar products on the market. The professionals who already work with Friction Solutions are committed to providing the final customer with the best possible service with excellent quality.



Recently agricultural machines have evolved a lot, but we still have some transversal problems over time, such as water and mud/sand and vibration! These elements are the worst enemies of an effective mechanical lubrication which are constantly present in  agricultural environments. Give the problems with the bearings for example. With our products we are able to give a strong answer to this problem. As well as being able to offer greater performance to powerful agricultural tractor engines.

Industrial sector

Industrial sector

Our offer includes high performance products for the lubrication of industrial machines, production lines, among others.

Our company offers excellent customer service. We contact  our customers,  make a survey of the needs in both solving problems and preventive maintenance. Our utmost goal is to ensure  the materials have more durability with maximum performance.

While working with the products recommended by our team, you get the following  advantages:

  • high performance of mechanisms.
  •  greater durability of materials.
  • less energy consumption (depending on the mechanical state of the machines).
  • timings of preventive maintenance interventions can be extended.
  • less time wasted on repairs caused by material wear.

Each case is unique and will always  be monitored individually, as each type of industry has different challenges and requirements.

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